A friend asks you, “What is the gospel?”

How would you answer?

Most of us find it hard to explain the gospel. We want to share our faith, we just don’t feel equipped to do it. What if we stumble over our words and say something wrong? And what exactly is the Gospel, anyways?

The Salvation Poem shares the gospel message in the form of a six-line song formatted as a sinner’s prayer. It is simple enough for a four-year-old to understand, yet hardened criminals use it in prison ministry.

Our goal with The Salvation Poem is to empower the church to share the gospel with the world in a way that no one can forget.

You can likely finish the sentence, “Mary had a little. . .”

“Lamb.” Why do you remember that? It holds no significance, yet you couldn’t forget it even if you tried. We are teaching The Salvation Poem to the world so that no one will ever forget the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Around the world, we hear stories of The Salvation Poem helping people understand the gospel for the first time after a lifetime of attending church. It seems unbelievable, but it’s true, and tragic.

Long-time Christians use The Salvation Poem as a reminder of the commitment they’ve made. Evangelists use it to share the gospel with others. Disciplers use it as a prayer to lead new converts into a more focused relationship with Christ.

In the last twelve months, over 200 million people heard The Salvation Poem sung in over 80 languages. Every year, The Salvation Poem helps people understand, live, and share the Gospel around the world. Partner with us today by donating or using our free resources.