Consider the power of a poem. Virtually anyone can complete the line, “Mary had a little . . . lamb.” Why do you remember this poem? It has no particular significance for your life today, yet you couldn’t forget it even if you tried. That’s the amazing power of a poem.

The six short lines of The Salvation Poem present the eternal message of God’s Perfect Lamb. Children and adults who learn this simple rhyme will carry the life-changing message of salvation in their hearts. At any point in life when a person is prompted to turn to God, The Salvation Poem will serve as a sinner’s prayer to receive salvation through Jesus Christ. And because it is so easy to learn and hard to forget, The Salvation Poem will serve as a great tool to help Christians feel more comfortable in leading others to Christ.

Matt and Sherry McPherson
Matt and Sherry McPherson

The authors of The Salvation Poem, Matt and Sherry McPherson, are Christian business owners, songwriters, worship leaders and recording artists. One day in 2004, Matt was struck by the power of childhood poems to remain in our memories, even though they have no meaning or relevance for our lives. He asked God if there could be a poem that would tell the eternal story of the Gospel. In less than two weeks, Matt had received the basic ideas for a poem. He showed the ideas to Sherry, and together they completed The Salvation Poem, which presents God’s plan of salvation for humankind in just six poetic lines.

To date, The Poem has been translated into more than 70 languages and is quickly becoming a universal tool for evangelism. Organizations using the The Salvation Poem include the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Prison Fellowship, Samaritan’s Purse, OneHope, David C. Cook, the Creation Museum, the Pocket Testament League, Zondervan Bible Publishers, Dicksons Gifts, Masterpieces Puzzles, Maranatha! Music, and many others. CBN is using The Salvation Poem in its Emmy-nominated state-of-the-art animated Bible story DVD series, Superbook. Every episode concludes with an animated music video set to “The Salvation Poem,” sung by a young vocalist in the viewer’s native language.

The Poem has been reprinted on millions of missions pamphlets and other items distributed around the world, with tens of millions more in the works. “The Salvation Poem” was the title song of the Spanish language film, Poema de Salvación, which won the 2011 ARPA Awards for Best Feature Film DVD and Songwriters of the Year, Matt and Sherry McPherson.

Yet, despite all the attention it is receiving, Matt and Sherry have committed to never make even one penny from “The Salvation Poem.” They have committed that all profits from uses of the poem be reinvested to support global missions and evangelism.